Maria Salouvardou

Artist Residency / Kotoki


Inconnu Performance

Inconnu ,Performance

for the residency kotoki_org

Saturday (May 11) 8.00pm

Panagia, Main Square, Serifos

Text: Gm Touliatou

Video: Gm Touliatou

Director: Gm Touliatou

Performer: Maria Salouvardou

Costume Design: Maria Salouvardou

Music: Anthony Palaskas

Duration: 24min

The performance “Inconnu” conveys the narrative of a young woman who lives in an unspecified place, possibly, the Island of Serifos. This territory resembles a duality of a place full of potential and another which is void, linked through an inverted identity. At some point of in her narrative she will say “I am not where you think I am, I am where you think I am not”,

focusing on the permanent rotation around the desire of escapism and the significance that people attach to themselves and to others, in the short period called "present".

The pictorial vocabulary of her narration and the montage of its syntax, set the language as a metonymy for an image. However, the narrative is characterized by pauses, giving residue to all kind of absences (memories, lessons, expectations). Her phrases, at the level of the verbal chain they create, also repeatedly formulate the notion of a pending decision: even when she seems to depart -as a grand resolve of her desire- she constantly returns back.

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