Maria Salouvardou
My art stories...
Birds of Paradise for Luna Park
Paper DressesFor the Exhibition
"not just papers and plastics"
Shoesto walk on dreams
Into My Garden Comea poetry project
My shoes
at Lite-Haus Galerie
Opening day of the exhibition ``The cut up``
Heartbirdfairytale installation
Fashion Showclothes made of trash bags
"Das Puppenhaus" The Doll´s housemy artworks fotographed and illustrated for Feline Lang´s gothic Novel
Byzantine Baths Dead Land
Installation and performance
My collaborator
Anthony Palaskas
Installations Soundscapes
in direct poetry
TransformationsGarbage to costumes
Dresses Made
of Plastic Garbage
"not just paper and plastics"
The Dead Landpoetry installation
Experience in the Woods.A sculpture project
Into My Garden ComePerforming a poem
Film PoetryThe Harp of Vocal Cords
Dead Land the performance
in snapshots
"Inconnu" the performance
Lady Lazaruspoetry performance
Dead Land The performance
Returning to Myselfpoetry installation
Performing at G11 Gallerywearing a dress
made of trash bags
Hair Projectmind the cut
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