Maria Salouvardou

Byzantine Baths


Dead Land
Installation and performance

The Byzantine Bath-Meetings-Τhessaloniki, Εye`s Walk Digital festival Curator Filia Milidaki invited me to perform the DEAD LAND at this wonderful world heritage of Unesco . My gothic performance took place for 5 hours repeating the words of the poem as a ritual ,following the ,electronic music by Anthony Palaskas.

A visual universe, where objects that are considered trash are sewn with wires and threads and gradually take the form of a costume. They become symbols of a lost dream, a ruined land, a perpetual consumption in a world that is becoming more and more wild, more and more barbaric. At the center of this universe stands the Priestess.


TS Eliot`s poem "Hollow Men" is the mantra of the Priestess of the Temple as a plea to the World and asks to be heard before it is too late,..

Garbage embroidery becomes a Ritual, honoring the earth by dressing her with a royal costume made from all that the people have thrown away...


Thrill, anxiety, disturbance for the environment and our dramatic dependence on constant consumption along with the dream and confidence that art offers us for change, brought the audience intense emotions that were captured forever on the walls of the Byzantine bath .

Photographers: Anestis Paraskevopoulos, Dimitris Metaxas, Apostolos Simopoulos, and Efi Manoledaki

cover Byzantine Baths
cover Byzantine Baths
cover Byzantine Baths
cover Byzantine Baths
cover Byzantine Baths
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