Maria Salouvardou

at Forum Factory


Berlin 11.11.2022

My paper dresses were on display together with all the music groups and transformed their energy with each of them.

Here, on this video with the sounds of Japanese Drums all these dresses make you wonder who was the lady that wore the dress and ``had a sunny bird in her heart`` or who was the lady who wore it and ``looked at the stars waltzing out in blue and red``.

Maybe you could be the one who would like to wear it for ``all the words never said`` or just because you ``love drinking tea`` ....

People danced around them and touched them , amazed when realizing that they were made of used paper bags...

I created them from used paper bags, one by one carefully kept after consuming vegetables or bread or other... Inspired by women and their lifes, I combine poetry and craftmanship.. Through mixed techniques I transform these bags in dresses. Though fragile, they could easily be worn for fashion , but also be worn to give a message. These paper dresses speak from their heart...

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