Maria Salouvardou

The Harp of Vocal Cords


Film Poetry

The poem "The Harp of Vocal Cords" weaves a tale of women`s empowerment. In the film, a woman breaks free from societal constraints, intertwining her journey with the collective voice of women rising against oppression.

The Harp of Vocal Cords by Hlín Leifsdóttir 

Music: Morton (Whodoes)

Direction: Alkistis Kafetzi & Maria Salouvardou 

Voice: Hlín Leifsdóttir 

Performer, Costume & Set Designer: Maria Salouvardou

Camera & Editing: Alkistis Kafetzi

Light Design: Giannis Vassaras

Produced and mixed by ANNA V. at “Sanctuary North Studio” 

Mastered by Alen Milivojevic

Publicer: The Institute for Experimental Arts

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