Maria Salouvardou

Solo Exhibition in Berlin


Throw me not

My solo Exhibition at Ewa Frauenzenrtum Berlin gave me the opportunity to present all my artwork, simultaneously in different rooms. 


On display, visitors could see my sculpture/costume installations, whose creation was inspired by poems. Depending on the way they were looked upon, each ‘costume’ (body or dress) was immersed in scenography and performing art. Visitors walked around each ‘costume’ hearing the poem with a custom made sound landscape / music. Working with fiber and texture, speech and sound, digital image and music, I offered the opportunity to dive with all senses into the dreamy world of poetry. Body- or dress- , offering their sensitive heart. 


I also presented my clothes and a colorful garden of shoes made of garbage. 

Used paper or plastic bags and other discarded materials transformed into dresses. 

 Threads and wires, old toys and remnants of cloth transformed into shoes. 


On the Opening and the Closing days visitors watched  my short film ``into my garden come``  and my performance ``Dead land``. 

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