Maria Salouvardou



Poetry Film

„Hv​í​tfl​æ​ð​i / Whiteweight“

Poem by Hlín Leifsdóttir

Music by Whodoes (Vasilis Chountas)

Directed by: Alkistis Kafetzi

Cinematography by: GiannisVassaras

Production Design & Art Direction: Natalie Giannopoulos

Costume Design & Tree Installation: Maria Salouvardou

Voice: Hlín Leifsdóttir

Editing: Alkistis Kafetzi


Maria Salouvardou


Marley Alford

Chrysanthos Chorozidis (aka @miss_stray)

Alexandros Staufer

Andreas Machairas (@andreasmachairas)

Alyssa Könnecke

Tobias Rimmel

Album: Andr​ý​mi

Publisher: The Institute for Experimental Arts (@instituteartgreece)

#poetryfilm #videopoetry #costume


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