Maria Salouvardou

Birds of Paradise


for Luna Park

The male birds of paradise have developed a unique mating behavior that consists of the display of their colorful feathers, its changing shape, strange mating calls and complicated dance moves. The BIRDS OF PARADISE dance performance uses the surrealistic evolutionary adaptations of the birds of paradise as a comedic lens to reflect the human performance competition. Our consumer relationship with clothing and accessories also comes into focus. When the dancers create their own feather dress in front of the audience from recycled clothes and plastic bags, the upside of fashionable self-realization emerges: keyword Fast-Fashion. I was asked from Luna Park to make the long sleeved vests for the two dancers . It was fascinating and challenging to make them out of plastic waste bags, so that they were strong enough to survive the powerful flapping and elastic enough for the movements of the dancers.

cover Birds of Paradise
cover Birds of Paradise
cover Birds of Paradise
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