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Poetry film screening and Poetry installations

Film Poetry screening and Poetry installations , Open Studios weekend Pankow

Moving to my new Studio Atelie at Lehderstrasse 74 , was for me something to celebrate for and I was there at the 1st and 2nd of June to welcome my guests and show them around.

As special event for the occasion was the screening of five Poetry Films, accompanied by the sound installation "Dead Land."

The films were complemented by sculpture and costume installations inspired by the poems, which played a central role in the films. Each film explores the theme of social or personal freedom in its own unique way.

The films were played on a continuous loop, providing with the chance to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere and enjoy the poetic experience.

My artworks, dedicated to honoring women, merge the creation of costumes and scenography with performing art.

I offered a space to dive into, surrounded by words, sounds, and forms.

And I was so happy receiving so many smiles from the visitors , some of them told me that found my art very touching.

I had also the opportunity to meet lots of artists , coming to visit me and having so interesting talks together.

I am so grateful having moved at this place! My atelie has a view at this wonderful courtyard, as part of a beautiful building full of other artists atelies.

And here some fotos with some of my guests .

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