Maria Salouvardou

"Das Puppenhaus" The Doll´s house


my artworks fotographed and illustrated for Feline Lang´s gothic Novel

My artworks as the main characters of Feline Lang´s gothic Novel "Das Puppenhaus" have been fotographed from Merlin Noack at his amazing attick in Berlin, Neuköln.

From the collaboration of the 3 of us came out a wonderful result. As if my artworks were always made for this doll´s house !!!! Hunging bodies like ghosts... Costumes without bodies...

The Fotoschooting took place in spring 2023 and the book is puplished in November 2023.

And yes, ...! As Feline said : "I am the House. Nobody dares to enter my head! "

And,.... a wonderful dark story unfolds !!!

Who plays with these dolls?

What sinister secret connects this accidental secret with each other, beyond time and realities?

If you are interested to find out , CLICK HERE to order and have it !

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