Maria Salouvardou

My collaborator
Anthony Palaskas


Installations Soundscapes
in direct poetry

In my project Poetry Installations, where I create shapes with sculpture as a response to the words of each poem, the important contribution of music and sound in combination with my voice successfully surrounds the visitor within the world of poetry. 

Anthony Palaskas` electronic music fulfills and enables the presentation of Poetry Installation as a multidimensional experience. 

Anthony Palaskas is one of my select collaborators , especially for his musical inspiration. He is a composer of contemporary electronic music. A lot of his works have been presented throughout Europe on theatrical stages and festivals, such as the Onassis Cultural Centre/Stegi and the Athens-Epidaurus Festival.

I met Anthony when we worked together on a project in Berlin!

Follow the music

Dead Land (music - voice)

Lady Lazarus (music - voice)

I want to mention how beautiful music can reveal the meaning of my artwork. Melodies become the language of emotion. It’s always interesting how the melody can be a part of my art. So, grab your headphones, brace yourself for a sonic adventure, and dive into the electrifying world of Anthony.

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