I sew the words and knit the memories, I speak the Poems and whisper the Fairytales, I perform the feelings, I transform the darkness and give form to the light, I color the journey into the inner world. I love to give form and transform.

I work with fiber and texture, speech and sound, movement and sensation.

I am an interdisciplinary Artist and combine the creation of a costume and scenography with performing Art and its transformation to a sculpture. In order to reach my final destination I collaborate with music composers to give music to my sculptures.

My purpose is to place the people in my dreamy world. I offer them a space to dive in , surrounded by words ,sounds and forms.

My art is inspired my notions of woman and womanhood . I am engaged in an aesthetic and spiritual ritual to Honor the Woman.

I create clothes and shoes for her to denote her personality.

Worrying about Mother Earth, indignant of our financial model causing industrial scale destruction of nature, I remove garbage from the landscape and transform it to art.

Sculpture-Costume installations based on poems
Costumes made from used paper bags
Costumes made from plastic and other garbage
Costumes for performances
Costumes for films
Wall Panel Sculptures
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