Maria Salouvardou

Into My Garden Come


a poetry project

A poetry project , a costume installation outdoors

inspired by a Poem of Emily Dickinson

I see poetry everywhere. I sew the words, the memories , the dreams.

My sculpture exhibited in any space , becomes part of it. You can see through it the living space.

Being in the garden is like standing with the trees, dancing with the leaves, hearing the whisper of the wind.

Being close to the water is like letting free, transforming myself to what I real I am.

There is another Sky

ever serene and fair

And there is another Sunshine

Though it be darkness there

Never mind faded forests

Never mind silent fields

Here is a little forest

Whose leaf is ever green

Here is a brighter garden

where not a frost has been

In its unfading flowers

I hear the bright bee hum.

Prithee my brother,

Into my garden come!

cover Into My Garden Come
cover Into My Garden Come
cover Into My Garden Come
cover Into My Garden Come
cover Into My Garden Come
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