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the performance

The performance "Inconnu" conveys the narrative of a woman in a permanent spin around desire, specifically, her desire to leave this place.

The descriptions she conveys with her text and editorial montage place her speech at the level of image metonymy. At the same time, the narrative is characterized by pauses, making the presence of all absences (memories, lessons, promises) deafening. Thus, while at every pause she seems to leave – as if her wish is fulfilled – she always comes back magnetized by the "eternal beauty" of the place.

The music creates an electric atmosphere 

Meanwhile by knitting the words, knitting the absence and the presence, she creates a costume made of plastic strips and paper.

Symbolically she sews the garment of her escape. a large wrap with long hose wings

The Performance took place on the first floor of Calliope Xenopoulou`s amazing neoklassical mansion in Syros.

This was its first time of presentation in public, invited by Eye`s walk Festival and the curator Filia MIlidaki. Documentation photos and video by Stella Pitsiou.

Video: Gm Touliatou

Text: Gm Touliatou

Directed by: Gm Touliatou

Performer: Maria Salouvardou

Costume Design: Maria Salouvardou

Music: Anthony Palaskas

Duration: 20min

cover "Inconnu"
cover "Inconnu"
cover "Inconnu"
cover "Inconnu"
cover "Inconnu"
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