INTO MY GARDEN COMEPerforming a poem

The dress-sculpture, becomes the symbol of liberation, personal or social. In the video a performance unfolds, a journey to the creative boulevard of Existence, a journey into our personal garden and light.

Discover the stories behind...
Performing at G11 gallerywearing a dress made of trash bags
Hair Projectmind the cut
Fashion Showclothes made of trash bags
Dead land the performance in snapshots
The dead landpoetry installation
Dead land The performance
Returning to myselfin dialog with...
Lady Lazarusliving and dying
Heartbirdto be liberated
Dress me in feathers3D Paper shoe collection in Panels
INTO MY GARDEN COMEa poetry project
CHATTING WITH AN ART FAIRYAn interview with Berlin-based, Greek artist, Maria Salouvardou
Shoesto walk on dreams
TransformationsGarbage to costumes
Goddess, Garbage & Gewaltshort movie, winter / spring 2021
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